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Data center real estate market in North America

Northern Virginia

Published one month ago


In supply of data center real estate, measured by commissioned power


In demand for data center real estate, measured by TTM absorption


In hyperscale owned facilities, measured by operational power

Access Analytics

Real estate supply pipeline

Rank amongst North America markets



Colocation power commissioned within the market, measured in MW, includes preleasing



Colocation power commissioned and available within the market, measured in MW


Under Construction

Speculative colocation power under construction within the market, measured in MW



Speculative planned colocation power that hasn't yet broken ground, measured in MW

About Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is the largest data center market in the United States. This extremely mature and well-connected area traces its roots to the U.S. Government's experiments in wide area fiber optic networking in the late 1960s. The low-latency connections to the national fiber network backbone along with a relatively business-friendly environment make Northern Virginia the top market for data centers serving the area's biggest public and private enterprises.

While government agency requirements have increased the data center demand in Northern Virginia, the majority of the market is made up of other industries finding the market attractive. Hyperscale, aerospace, financial, managed hosting, technology, and telecommunications companies have all staked claims in Northern Virginia's data centers. Colocation requirements in the Northern Virginia market are typically larger than most markets.

Largest colocation providers

Measured by total commissioned power

Digital Realty
STACK Infrastructure
Access Analytics

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