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Data center real estate market in North America


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In demand for data center real estate, measured by TTM absorption


In hyperscale owned facilities, measured by operational power

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Real estate supply pipeline

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Colocation power commissioned within the market, measured in MW, includes preleasing



Colocation power commissioned and available within the market, measured in MW


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Speculative colocation power under construction within the market, measured in MW



Speculative planned colocation power that hasn't yet broken ground, measured in MW

About Quincy

The Quincy Data Center Market is growing and its growth process reveals how the market has developed over the years. Historically, the presence of large enterprises in an area draws the attention of colocation providers to potential opportunities to serve those large corporations: this trend is distinctly playing out in Quincy.

Quincy was seen as an “enterprise” data center market for years, where companies like Dell, Microsoft, Intuit, and Yahoo built and owned their own data centers. Awakened to the allure of this new market, Sabey, Vantage Data Centers, CyrusOne, and H5 (more recently) began to test the waters, and each are currently active in the market. As these multi-facility campuses are delivered, the opportunity for growth is increases based on credible colocation options for larger data center users. From a geographic perspective, much of the data center development has occurred in the Northern half of the city and a city northwest of Quincy called Wenatchee.

Largest colocation providers

Measured by total commissioned power

Sabey Data Centers
Vantage Data Centers
H5 Data Centers
Access Analytics

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