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Make more hyperscale user shortlists

The largest data center users in the world use datacenterHawk to plan their footprints - list your availability to be in front of them from the start.

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Data center users and brokers start their search on datacenterHawk

Here's how they use datacenterHawk to place colocation requirements:

  1. They visit datacenterHawk with requirements in hand
  2. They see which providers are in a market
  3. They shortlist providers with availability to meet their needs
  4. They reach out directly for tours or discussions
  5. The deal eventually goes to someone on the shortlist

Who's using datacenterHawk

The largest data center users and brokers use datacenterHawk to help place

colocation requirements.


Of the largest data center users, responsible for GW scale take downs


Of the largest data center brokers, who put together hyperscale leases


Other people coming to datacenterHawk each month

Why datacenterHawk?

We focus on facilitating hyperscale level leasing

There are lots of ways to market to the largest users - we’re the only one that lets you get in front of them right at the beginning of their buying.

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A sharper, lower funnel focus than conferences

Geared to support larger deals than retail colo marketplaces

Free-er, more focused than targeting keywords, attributes, or look-a-like audiences

How it works

Get white glove service from our team

instead of doing everything yourself

1. Contact our team using

the from below

2. Sit back as we prep your

information for the site

3. End up in front of more data

center users and brokers

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Let us know what you can lease to make more hyperscale user shortlists

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