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HawkPodcast 30 - European Data Center Markets

By Mike Netzer · 7/27/2020

Check out a few quick takeaways from our conversation below.

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European Demand Trends

Looking back at 2019, the majority of the activity in Europe was seen in a few markets, with Amsterdam receiving most of that activity. So far in 2020, the demand is more even across the five main European markets, including Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Dublin. Growth in Frankfurt, Paris, and Dublin seems to be increasing in 2020.

European Hyperscale Growth

American data center providers have taken an interest in the five major European markets in the past year. This new interest has attracted more hyperscale users to look at these European markets, which has created more competition for the regional European developers and has caused them to shift their strategy.

Emerging European Markets

With major European markets receiving increased development interest from US data center operators, regional developers in Europe are expanding in other locations. Areas like Zurich, Warsaw, Marseille, and Barcelona are emerging markets expected to see growth based on that trend. The maturity of the subsea cable industry is also creating interest in these smaller European markets as well.

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