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The Evolution of the Data Center Industry: AI, Hyperscale, and Beyond

By Rhett Gill · 11/9/2023

The data center industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with new technologies and market demands leading the charge. In this episode, Mike and David discuss these changes—focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the data center space.

The Impact of AI on the Data Center Space

AI is having a profound impact on the data center industry. Major tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have made substantial investments in AI infrastructure. This surge in investment has led to an increasing demand for data center power and space, driven by AI applications.

AI workloads have unique characteristics which are reshaping the industry. Servers are becoming denser, with some reaching up to 100+ KW per rack. This shift presents challenges, including the need for innovative cooling solutions and strategic location choices for data centers. Factors such as power availability, connectivity, tax incentives, and labor force come into play when deciding on these locations.

Pricing Impact and the Need for Due Diligence

As AI demand continues to grow, it significantly impacts the data center industry's pricing structure. Rates have increased considerably, driven by new companies willing to pay higher prices per KW per month to secure power and de-risk their investments.

The hosts highlight the creative evolution in deal structures, which show a departure from traditional leasing increments. However, amid announcements of massive AI-related data center projects, they also caution about the need for due diligence in evaluating the actual commitments made by companies.

In conclusion, the data center industry is becoming increasingly complex. With the rise of AI and hyperscale computing, the landscape is evolving rapidly, and keeping up with these changes is crucial. datacenterHawk's platform aims to provide the insights and tools needed for decision-makers to navigate this dynamic industry successfully.

Stay informed, invest wisely, and remember—knowledge is power in the data center space.

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