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Australian Edge Data Centers
Australian Edge Data Centers

By Rhett Gill · 3/16/2021

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Check out our video above with Matthew Madden of DXN Solutions to get his take on the Australian data center industry. If you’re short on time, check out the summary of the conversation below.

Australian data center demand from international cloud providers

When COVID became a global issue and a large portion of people began working remotely, they suddenly depended on the support of major North American cloud providers to conduct their virtual business.

This sudden uptick in use caused these cloud providers to urgently fill the capacity that had been built in the Australian markets, so that they could provide the support to all the people now working from home.

DXN is reducing latency in Australia with edge data centers

Sydney is the largest city and the largest data center market in Australia. With that, the further users are from Sydney, which is on the southeast coast of the continent, the more latency they’ll have.

DXN has focused their efforts on an edge strategy to get the data centers closer to the users with the goal of lowering that latency gap.

Autonomous Vehicles Utilizing Edge Data Centers

One area DXN has seen success with their edge data centers is supporting autonomous vehicles in the iron ore mines of Australia. Trucks and excavators in these mines are mostly operated remotely and to do that, a data center needs to be nearby so the latency is as low as possible.

Seeing this need, DXN stepped in to offer their edge data center solution so their data centers could be placed close to the mines for these autonomous and remote-controlled pieces of mining equipment.

Tracking DXN and the rest of the APAC market

As we at datacenterHawk are excited as we continue to grow and expand our global data center industry information, we look forward to tracking DXN, the Australian data center markets, and the future growth of the APAC region.

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