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HawkTalk 46 with Tim Mirick, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Sabey

By Rhett Gill · 6/15/2020

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On HawkTalk 46, David visits with Sabey’s EVP of Sales & Marketing, Tim Mirick. Together they discuss the Northern Virginia data center market and how it’s become the largest data center market in the world.

Check out a few quick takeaways from our conversation below.

Why data center operators are drawn to Northern Virginia

There are a multitude of reasons why Northern Virginia has become the largest data center market in the world. The region boasts excellent connectivity, a strong power structure, excellent government incentives, a strong labor pool, good transportation, and close proximity to several major airports. With all of that coming together, it starts to become a cycle that feeds itself, and in turn, becomes what it is today.

Data center design has changed over time to fit the needs of end users

Especially in the Northern Virginia market, data center operators need to have the ability to respond to their customers' requirements as they get bigger. For example, since Sabey deployed their first facility in Northern Virginia, they've needed to triple the size of their facilities in order to respond to users who required a larger environment. The scale of user requirements is a large reason why facilities have changed over the past 5-10 years.

COVID-19 is changing how data center operators prioritize their presence

Before COVID-19, the world spent a lot of energy focusing on moving physical objects and people around but now we’ve seen a change where the focus is turning toward moving and manipulating more data. This means that the data center industry will have a larger load to carry. From additional virtual meetings, virtual learning, and even tradeshows and conferences that are turning towards a total virtual experience, the data center industry will continue to be a part of the critical distribution system that allows all of these events to take place.

We also talked about…

  • Renewable power will continue to be a main focus in the data center industry
  • COVID-19 has been a catalyst in a way to making our world more virtual

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