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Mastering the Art of Connectivity in Data Centers

By Rhett Gill · 3/6/2024

Join us as we take a deep dive into the importance of network connectivity within the data center landscape in our HawkTalk between datacenterHawk Founder & CEO, David Liggitt, and Consuo CEO, Geoff Brewer. This riveting exploration delves into Consuo's groundbreaking work in offering unique connectivity solutions and how data center operators can optimize their network offerings. Get up to speed with the evolving data center market dynamics and learn about the pivotal role AI plays in defining connectivity requirements.

Understanding the Importance of Connectivity in the Data Center Industry

David Liggitt and Geoff Brewer shed light on the vital role of connectivity within the data center sector. Although power remains crucial, the need for high-performing networks has become increasingly important. Consuo stands out for tackling this challenge head-on, offering distinctive, global connectivity solutions designed to fill gaps in the industry. Thanks to their deep understanding of global networks, Consuo is able to offer customers unique connectivity options and routes.

Catering to a Broad Spectrum of Connectivity Requirements

Consuo takes pride in their ability to meet the multifaceted connectivity needs across various industries such as finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and fintech. With these sectors requiring robust and dependable network connectivity, Consuo has perfected the art of offering tailored connectivity solutions that supplement existing networks and offer backup pathways to ensure absolute reliability. Through comprehensive knowledge of network topology and insightful data transparency, Consuo empowers customers to make informed network decisions.

Thriving Amidst Market Challenges & Exploiting Emerging Opportunities

The conversation enlightens us about the possible limitations due to industry consolidation, potentially affecting routing diversity. Yet, the future shines promisingly for the data center industry with the steady growth of sites and capacity. Consuo aims to seize the opportunities in this upward trajectory, providing intricate and unique connectivity solutions. As AI's influence amplifies, Consuo foresees a swelling demand for connectivity between data center facilities, paving the way for exciting business opportunities.


Connectivity is pivotal within the data center industry, and Consuo is blazing a trail with their innovative solutions. By expertly combining network assets, Consuo offers connectivity opportunities rarely found elsewhere. As the industry propels forward, with AI claiming larger stakes, the need for unique and dependable connectivity will rise. To get a closer look at Consuo and their unrivaled expertise in connectivity, visit their website at

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