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Navigating the Future of Data Centers: Connectivity, Geopolitics, and Global Trends

By Rhett Gill · 10/12/2023

In a recent insightful conversation, Afonso Salema, the CEO of Start Campus discussed the future of data centers and how they are set to evolve over the next five to ten years. The main takeaway from this conversation was the role of connectivity, as it is predicted to significantly influence the evolution of data centers. With the expected explosion of connectivity across the globe and the emergence of low orbit satellites, data centers' interaction will not just be on a standalone basis but will be intricately linked to each other.

Salema also highlighted some new developments being built around the world, including the creation of more nodes, albeit smaller ones, with larger capacity behind them to service these nodes. This development is expected to enhance user experience and drive other connectivity-related advancements.

Beyond the sheer volume of data being generated each year, another fundamental driver that is shaping the future of data centers is geopolitics. Salema explained that the demand for a more resilient and tighter connectivity mesh is increasing to prevent potential global scale issues.

Lastly, we touch on the globalization of the industry, with micro trends occurring in various regions yet sharing many of the same challenges. Both sustainability and connectivity are identified as key factors that will drive industry efficiency.

Our conversation concluded with Salema expressing great enthusiasm about the progress of Start Campus and inviting listeners to learn more via their website. The discussion was a valuable glimpse into the future of data centers, highlighting the central role of connectivity and the global alignment of industry challenges and solutions.

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