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Navigating the Power Market: A Conversation with Legend Energy Advisors Founder & CEO Dan Crosby

By Rhett Gill · 9/26/2023

The landscape of data centers is rapidly evolving, and the power market plays a crucial role in this transformation. In our latest video, we get the opportunity to delve deeper into this topic with Dan Crosby, the Founder & CEO of Legend Energy Advisors.

Crosby, an industry expert, provides an in-depth perspective on the interdependence of data centers and power infrastructure, shedding light on the increasing significance of active participation by data centers in the power market. He asserts that an ideal data center environment should not only have reliable access to power but also be capable of tactically managing interactions with the market.

Our conversation further explores the growing relevance of power density and on-site generation. Crosby emphasized that with the rising penetration of renewable energy, it's essential for data centers to adapt accordingly. He advocated for data centers to play a proactive role in power management, even sharing instances when some data centers have returned power back to the grid during energy crises.

Crosby also touched upon the shifting responsibility from data center operators to tenants. He highlighted the potential cost savings in power rates that could be achieved by responding to catastrophic events or price spikes in real-time. According to him, such a response strategy enables data centers to enhance their resilience, reduce costs, and be better corporate citizens and grid participants.

In conclusion, Crosby stresses the importance of understanding grid dynamics and gaining control over energy intensity. He believes that these factors can unlock significant benefits for data centers, including cost savings and increased resilience.

Watch the full interview to get more insights from Dan Crosby on the evolving role of data centers in the power market, especially in the context of green energy.

As always, we are committed to providing you with the most accurate and relevant information from industry leaders. Stay tuned for more engaging dialogues.

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