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Pioneering Strategies in the Data Center Industry: An Exclusive Interview with Raymond Hawkins

By Rhett Gill · 6/25/2024

David Liggitt, the founder of datacenterHawk, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Raymond Hawkins, the Chief Revenue Officer of Compass Datacenters. In this engaging discussion, Hawkins shared his unique experiences and insights gleaned from a career spanning over a decade in the data center industry. This blog post captures the highlights of this video interview, spotlighting the trajectory of Compass Datacenters and the industry at large.

Early Days and Industry Insights

Hawkins brings a wealth of experience to the table, having transitioned from a technology-focused career into the world of data centers. One of the key takeaways from the interview was the way data centers have evolved over time. Hawkins illustrated how the industry has shifted from traditional on-premises facilities to more robust and flexible commercial data centers, designed to address the ever-growing customer needs.

Strategic Land Acquisitions and Industry Trends

Hawkins also delved into some of the strategic decisions that have positioned Compass Datacenters for success. Notably, the company made some unconventional but prescient land acquisitions in locations like Leesburg and Goodyear, anticipating future market needs. Additionally, by staying responsive to emerging trends such as the augmented demand for cloud services and AI, Compass Datacenters has been able to drive continuous growth.

Recognizing Operational Excellence

The conversation touched on important aspects of operational excellence in the data center industry. Operations teams, according to Hawkins, play a critical role in ensuring reliable and seamless data center operations. While often unheralded, their contribution cannot be overstated and deserves recognition.

In conclusion, David Liggitt's interview with Raymond Hawkins offers valuable insight into the dynamic data center industry and Compass Datacenters' strategic growth tactics. At datacenterHawk, it is our mission to provide a platform for such stimulating conversations with industry leaders. We believe that collaboration and the sharing of knowledge are key to driving the industry forward.

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