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The Future of Canada's Data Center Industry

By Rhett Gill · 2/27/2024

Introduction to an Industry Leader's Perspective

In an insightful conversation, David Liggitt, CEO of datacenterHawk, sat down with Sean Maskell, President and General Manager of Cologix Canada, to discuss the dynamic evolution and promising future of the data center industry. Maskell shared his unique career transition from policing to telecommunications, highlighting his firsthand observations of the industry's growth and its pivotal transformations.

Cologix's Strategic Success in Canada

Expansion and Focus

Cologix, a frontrunner in providing interconnection and colocation services, has significantly impacted the Canadian market. By concentrating on strategic expansions in key urban centers - Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver - Cologix has positioned itself as an essential player. Montreal has become particularly enticing for cloud providers, attributed to its cost-effective power solutions and commitment to green initiatives. Toronto, recognized as a financial nucleus, appeals to enterprises seeking proximity to cloud services, while Vancouver's recent development surge is driven by scaling operations and rising demands.

Overcoming Market Challenges

Despite its successes, the Canadian data center landscape faces notable challenges, including space limitations, inflated real estate costs, and the pressing need for advanced interconnection infrastructures.An error occurred during generation. Please try again or contact support if it continues. Cologix's approach, marrying interconnection services with large-scale data center capabilities, offers a comprehensive solution. This unique offering ensures clients benefit from enhanced security, reduced latency, and direct access to cloud on-ramps.

The Bright Horizon Ahead

Optimism and Opportunities

Looking forward, Maskell shared his enthusiastic outlook towards the expansion of edge markets across Canada and the growing significance of cloud and edge computing. He underscores the importance of welcoming new talent into the industry, advocating for engagement through data center tours and active participation in this thriving sector.

Call to Action for Emerging Professionals

Maskell's encouraging stance serves as a compelling call to action for prospective industry professionals. Cologix's dedication to innovation and its strategic positioning within the market exemplifies the vast opportunities within the data center industry, inviting newcomers to explore and contribute to its ongoing success.


The dialogue between Liggitt and Maskell illuminates the data center industry's evolving landscape, underscoring Cologix's instrumental role in shaping its future in Canada. Through strategic expansions, addressing market challenges, and fostering industry newcomers, Cologix continues to pave the way for a brighter, more interconnected digital future.

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