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The Future of Edge Computing and AI with NVIDIA

By Bethany Horne · 1/25/2022

In this interview with NVIDIA, Rama Darbha, Director of Solutions Architecture, and Roopa Prabhu, Director of Engineering, share their insights on the industries driving edge computing, the impact of AI on the data center industry, and future AI innovations affect on the footprint of the data center industry.

Edge computing, AI, & data centers

Edge computing and storing capabilities are utilized by several industries in different capacities and artificial intelligence (AI) is a major driver of this need. Manufacturers use edge computing to deploy real-time decision making AI in autonomous cars. Retail providers use edge computing in robotics with many applications from warehouse management to theft prevention. Providers utilize edge storing capabilities to host geographically decentralized regions, to name a few examples of edge users.

Highlights from NVIDIA’s GTC conference

Rama and Roopa discuss the many AI innovations emerging that were addressed during NVIDIA’s annual GTC conference. AI and other similar data heavy technologies are increasing demand in the data center industry calling for the infrastructure to respond quickly to this evolution. With technological improvements, data centers are poised to accommodate more data and take on new opportunities in edge computing and AI.

NVIDIA aims to partner with companies to provide various solutions through AI enabled systems.

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