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1547 Realty · CHIL2


725 S Wells Street

Chicago, IL

United States

CHIL2 is a colocation facility operated by 1547 Realty in the Chicago market. This facility is retrofit and currently offers 2,500 kW of critical power to data center customers. Customers have a range of connectivity options at the facility to fiber providers like Lightower, CenturyLink and Reliance Communications. On the infrastructure side, the data center offers N+1 UPS redundancy and N+1 cooling.

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Current status and power pipeline


This facility has been commissioned.

Under Construction

This facility is speculatively under construction.

Proximity to key digital infrastructure

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2 mi

Location details

  • Building
  • Connectivity
  • Infrastructure
  • Compliance
  • Services
  • Security
Year Built
Purpose Built or Retrofit
Building Size
60,000 SF
Building Owner
1547 Realty / Harrison Street Real Estate Capital
On Site Substation
Single or Dual Feed
Dual Feed
Market Avg Power Cost
Power Provider
Commonwealth Edison

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