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Digital Realty · DFW12

2440 Marsh Lane

Carrollton, TX

United States

Digital Realty is the largest wholesale data center provider in the world. The company has grown to over 155 locations across four continents after going public in 2004; leveraging economies of scale to measurably benefit customers. Digital Realty delivers colocation, powered shell, private suite and custom data center solutions. In addition, Digital Realty is focused on delivering relevant services to their clients such as move-in ready racks and cabinets in certain locations. The company is also focused on providing services surrounding connectivity to the Internet and cloud providers at multiple locations. Digital Realty employs over 750 people and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. 2440 Marsh Lane is a purpose built colocation facility located in Carrollton, TX. Digital Realty has delivered six turn key data center pods in the building, each with 1125 kW of critical IT load and a 2N electrical configuration. The facility, secured by perimeter fencing, is LEED certified and was originally constructed in 1999.

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Current status and power pipeline


This facility has been commissioned.

Proximity to key digital infrastructure

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1 mi

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Year Built
Purpose Built or Retrofit
Purpose Built
Building Size
135,250 SF
Building Owner
Digital Realty
On Site Substation
Single or Dual Feed
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