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Global IP Networks · 2020 Live Oak Street

2020 Live Oak Street

Dallas, TX

United States

Located in downtown Dallas on 1 ½ acres occupying the entire city square block 2020 Live Oak St. is a dedicated data center facility comprised of 147,000 square-feet. Built out to Tier III specifications the facility has 6 feeders available from the utility company’s switched network for the delivery of electricity. These feeders are used to feed an onsite secured vault containing numerous kVA transformers in an N+2 configuration. The switched network auto-failover capability coupled with the N+2 vault configuration makes a complete utility failure extremely unlikely. Designed for concurrent maintainability the facility has received an entire inspection and upgrade in 2014 -2015. This includes the installation of new ATS and primary utility service entrance switchgear. During the upgrade process all connections have been torqued to specification and all gear validated to meet industry standards. The facilities backup generator system are deployed to various areas of the facility configured as N+2 in a Channel A and Channel B failover configuration. All are connected to appropriately sized ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches), to feed UPS equipment and automatically and seamlessly switch electrical supply between S1 and S2 as necessitated.

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Current status and power pipeline


This facility has been commissioned.


There are plans to add additional leaseable power.

Proximity to key digital infrastructure

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Year Built
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139,182 SF
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Westdale Capital
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Dual Feed
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