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8010 Woodland Center Boulevard, Suite 700

Tampa, FL

United States

Established in 2002, Hivelocity is an IT solutions provider that focuses on delivering colocation, cloud, and managed services to customers in the continental United States. The company provides hosting solutions to thousands of businesses from over 130 countries internationally, and offers disaster recovery, cloud, and network peering sites in Tampa, Miami, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Privately owned, Hivelocity seeks to provide customer-oriented and customizable services to businesses with a wide variety of needs. Hivelocity is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

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Hivelocity's leasing focus

Based on the datacenterHawk platform


< 250 kW


250 kW - 4 MW


> 4 MW

Hivelocity's data centers

Hivelocity has 5 data centers on the datacenterHawk platform.

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