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Macquarie Data Centres

Macquarie Data Centres

Level 15, 2 Market Street



Macquarie Data Centres is a provider of data center solutions with a tenured record of serving Australian and international clients. Acting as the data center arm of Macquarie Technology Group, Macquarie Data Centres operates six data centers, with four in Sydney and two in Canberra. Their facilities are built to high security standards and can accommodate any variety of data center needs, ranging from retail colocation to hyperscale deployments. Through Macquarie Technology Group, the data centers are also highly connected to the rest of Australia and international markets.

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Macquarie Data Centres's leasing focus

Based on the datacenterHawk platform


< 250 kW


250 kW - 4 MW


> 4 MW

Macquarie Data Centres's data centers

Macquarie Data Centres has 4 data centers on the datacenterHawk platform.

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