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Nabiax is a colocation and data center service company formed in 2019 from the eleven former Telefonica data centers. Although the company has a presence throughout Latin America and the US, they are headquarted and most heavily invested in Spain. Their flagship facility is constructed outside of Madrid in Alcalá de Henares. First opened in 2014, the data center features 23 data rooms, each with a capacity of 1.2 MW and 7,300 SF. Power and cooling provisions enable users to scale data rooms up to 4.8 MW of commissioned power. Through the sale of their data center assets, Telfonica also retains an equity stake in Nabiax.

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Nabiax's leasing focus

Based on the datacenterHawk platform


< 250 kW


250 kW - 4 MW


> 4 MW

Nabiax's data centers

Nabiax has 4 data centers on the datacenterHawk platform.

  • Europe
  • Latin America

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