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Nautilus Data Technologies

Nautilus Data Technologies

1002 Embarcadero

Stockton, CA

United States

Nautilus Data Technologies invented the industry's most energy-efficient water-cooled data center design, setting a new bar for performance, sustainability, and worldwide scalability. The patented closed-loop water cooling technology integrates proven maritime and industrial water-cooling systems with next-generation data center infrastructure to usher in a new era of performance for the data center sector. In 2020, Nautilus commissioned its first commercial data center in Stockton, California, validating water-cooling superiority for data centers. The system enables high-density computing at more than 100kW a rack, opening the door to wide-scale availability of more powerful high-performance computing applications using AI and machine learning. Compared to the industry average, there is a 75% improvement in overall infrastructure energy efficiency and the system also maintains a 1.15 power usage effectiveness every day of the year. The technology trims carbon emissions by 30% and consumes no water. There is zero pollution from ozone-depleting refrigerants or chemicals and it causes no harm to terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity. Nautilus currently operates one data center in Stockton, CA, which offers 7 MW of commissioned power across 10,000 SF.

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Nautilus Data Technologies's data centers

Nautilus Data Technologies has 3 data centers on the datacenterHawk platform.

  • North America

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