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NorthC Datacenters

NorthC Datacenters

Fokkerweg 300

Oude Meer,


Formed from the merging of NLDC and The Datacenter Group, NorthC Datacenters was established in 2020 to provide colocation, cloud, and connectivity services to customers in the Netherlands. The company gained a portfolio of ten data centers through the merger, boasting approximately 80,000 square meters of facility space and 65 MW power capacity. With an emphasis on energy efficiency, all of NorthC’s data centers are powered by 100% green energy. The company claims the title of the largest regional data center business in the Netherlands and serves a vast array of industry types and organizations. NorthC Datacenters is headquartered in Oude Meer, Netherlands. NorthC made an acquisition of IP Exchange in 2021 which gave them two data centers in Germany.

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NorthC Datacenters's data centers

NorthC Datacenters has 12 data centers on the datacenterHawk platform.

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