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Parsec Data Management

Parsec Data Management

3470 Gabel Rd

Billings, MT

United States

Parsec Data Management’s Cloud Solutions provide customers with top-tier infrastructure and unique hosting opportunities. Powered by VMware technologies, Parsec’s cloud infrastructure enables customers to capitalize on private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions without having to fully migrate off their existing infrastructure. Parsec Data remotely manages servers and storage devices utilizing the private cloud at their secure, Tier III data center in Montana. Backed by 100% Service Level Agreement, Parsec offers IT solutions designed for both high-availability and standard availability, as determined by the customers’ needs and requirements. Their goal is to allow their clients to take advantage of the versatility and flexibility offered by the cloud, while still leveraging existing infrastructure investments.

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Parsec Data Management's leasing focus

Based on the datacenterHawk platform


< 250 kW


250 kW - 4 MW


> 4 MW

Parsec Data Management's data centers

Parsec Data Management has 1 data centers on the datacenterHawk platform.

  • North America

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