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QuadraNet · 530 W. 6th Street

530 W. 6th Street

Los Angeles, CA

United States

Founded in 2001, QuadraNet is one of the largest full-service data center providers in Los Angeles. The company offers dedicated servers, colocation, cloud hosting, and bandwidth to clients of all sizes. In 2004, QuadraNet began operating in the LA Telecom Center building adjacent to One Wilshire, a building known as "the world's most connected data center building", and has since then continued it’s growth into several other states. In Q4 2015 the company acquired Orlando-based Internet transit and transport provider DB Transit.

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Current status and power pipeline


This facility has been commissioned.

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Year Built
Purpose Built or Retrofit
Purpose Built
Building Size
163,600 SF
Building Owner
530 6th Street LLC
On Site Substation
Single or Dual Feed
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