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Vantage Data Centers · WA2

M Street NE

Quincy, WA

United States

Vantage Data Centers is a US colocation data center provider headquartered in Silicon Valley. Acquired by DigitalBridge in 1Q 2017, the company designs and builds data centers to attract corporate users that need 250 kW or greater. Vantage has completed transactions with Fortune 100 and top Internet companies. They currently have more than 25 data centers campuses across 5 continents. Both of Vantage’s Santa Clara Campuses have pursued significant expansion and added new data centers respectively throughout the years. In Q4 2018, Vantage announced the acquisition of 4Degrees Colocation adding two new markets to the company's geographical footprint. In early 2020 the company made yet another growth investment through the acquisition of Etix Everywhere, and expanded into its first European markets with plans for hyperscale campuses in Frankfurt, Berlin, Milan, Warsaw, and Zurich. Vantage is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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