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4 Steps to Colocation Success
Follow these 4 Steps to Ensure Success with your next Colocation Project

By Luke Smith · 3/18/2016

Economics are critical in any colocation transaction. Success requires an understanding of how infrastructure rental rates and power costs apply to the total project cost. In the past few years, increased competition and design efficiencies have contributed to better pricing opportunities for users. Today it's not uncommon for most transactions to have one provider focused on winning the deal on economics alone.

While economics should be thoroughly analyzed, other key factors must be considered to ensure the right provider is selected. For example, an operator offering the lowest price per kW/month might not provide connectivity or support options appropriate for your company's overall business needs. Therefore, it's short sighted to consider colocation as a commodity and make a decision solely on price.

So consider these four ideas to ensure success in your company's next colocation pursuit:

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