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Why Companies Fail With Data Center Strategy
Organizations with successful data center strategies always avoid these pitfalls...

By David Liggitt · 11/19/2015

Data center strategy is hard. While organizations work tirelessly to succeed, they face significant challenges as technology advancement creates an environment that is always changing. Planning and executing a solid direction around data center strategy is a task that requires vision, education and teamwork. It's not easy—and many organizations get tripped up along the way.

Why do so many companies struggle with data center strategy? Often it's because:

The company is siloed.
Data center projects are highly visible, creating the need for multiple business lines to be involved. Companies often do not provide an environment where IT, Finance, and Real Estate can work together toward one solution. The best decisions are made when these teams are coordinated on the desired solution. When they don't plan and work well together, the company pays the price.

The company only evaluates one solution.
Some organizations focus on one solution only and do not evaluate other viable opportunities. Awareness and access to data are often barriers companies face in evaluating solutions on both a strategic and financial basis. Cost savings, flexibility, and risk mitigation are benefits of many of these new solutions, and many times companies miss out.

The company presents a weak business case.
Data center projects require significant capital and need executive approval to move forward. Organizations require project teams to create a process that is well coordinated and auditable to provide the path forward. Some don't, and those that miss the mark are sent back to the drawing board, creating delays for both the business and IT initiatives.

The company is resistant to change.
Innovations in software, hardware, and data center facilities are creating new ways to evaluate data center strategy. Many companies struggle moving forward with these new opportunities because of the unknown and how it will impact existing operations.

The company can't define the need.
Data center strategic projects are delayed when organizations can't quickly determine their IT footprint, a necessary step prior to moving forward with a strategic direction. Virtualization, advances in technology, and refresh cycles often make it hard to track the true architecture of the IT organization.

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