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Geographical Shifts and Power Strategies in Data Center Growth

By Rhett Gill · 5/30/2024

In this video, Mike and David dive deep into the changing landscape of data center demand across the United States. This eye-opening conversation reveals key geographical shifts and innovative power strategies that data center operators are employing to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry.

The Growth of Submarket Spread in Established Data Center Markets

Data center operators are branching out from traditional core locations to submarkets as part of the ongoing trend of submarket spread. Northern Dallas's transformation into hotspots like Red Oak and Midlothian exemplifies this geographical diversification of data center deployments.

Venturing into Non-Established Data Center Markets

The podcast also unraveled the trend of exploring non-established data center markets with rich power infrastructure. Jackson, Mississippi, El Paso, Texas, and Birmingham, Alabama are emerging as key destinations for hyperscale users, heralding a shift towards untapped regions for data center development.

Tapping into Power Plants for Reliable Energy Sources

Data center operators are acquiring power plants to ensure a secure and continuous supply of energy. Amazon's strategic acquisition of a nuclear power plant in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania is a testament to the growing trend towards self-sufficiency in power generation.

The Rise of Self-Generation and Onsite Power Solutions

Data center operators are exploring self-generation through natural gas, modular nuclear reactors, and other onsite solutions. With companies like Bloom Energy leading the race, the conjecture around alternative energy sources and decentralized power generation is gaining momentum.

Expansion of Existing Data Center Facilities for Future Scalability

The strategy of acquiring data center buildings with room for expansion is a key discussion point. The purchase of buildings with surplus power capacity for potential expansion highlights a forward-thinking approach to meeting escalating data center demands.

As industry trends evolve, data center operators are gearing up to meet the burgeoning demands of the digital era through evolving market areas and powerful new energy solutions.

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