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Charting a Sustainable Path for Data Centers

By Damon Lim · 3/7/2024

Damon Lim, datacenterHawk's Asia Pacific Regional Director, is eager to introduce GreenSquareDC into the conversation on progressive data center operations with this HawkTalk with their CEO, Walt Coulston. GreenSquare DC, a fresh face in the data center market, prioritizes sustainable and high-density data centers. Their 96 MW campus, nestled in Perth, Australia, champions a new approach to power utilization and market location. What's more, GreenSquareDC is dedicated to responsible and renewable energy production. They foresee a future where data centers accommodate not just traditional cloud computing but also GPU-enabled data centers. Sustainability and accountability are increasingly crucial for their industry.

Powering Through with Cost-Effective Solutions in Perth

Walt reveals the rationale behind choosing Perth, Australia for their 96 MW campus: significantly cheaper power pricing. Perth's power pricing undercuts the global average by about 320%, presenting a cost-effective site for their operations. With a stable power market and favorable gas reservation policy, Perth outshines its competition, even within growing data center markets like Sydney and Melbourne.

Sustainability - The Heart of Green Square, DC's Design Philosophy

GreenSquareDC's design philosophy is underscored by a rigorous commitment to sustainability. With designs that are water-positive and minimize waste in operations, GreenSquareDC aims to leave no ecological footprints. With a proposed 300 MW wind and solar farm and an energy consumption model that favors density and liquid cooling, GreenSquareDC strives to be a net positive energy consumer. Their approach to constructing data centers from the ground up endorses sustainability and efficiency.

Envisioning the Future of Data Centers

Walt's vision for the future of data centers includes traditional cloud computing as well as GPU-enabled data centers. He anticipates a future where sustainability takes center stage, coupled with stringent legislation and accountability. As the industry grapples with the challenges of power supply and demand, especially with the shift toward renewable energy sources, GreenSquareDC is well-equipped to address these challenges due to the strategic advantages of their Perth location and their strong commitment to sustainability.

GreenSquareDC - Unlocking a Sustainable Future for Data Centers

GreenSquareDC's strategic decision to set up their 96 MW campus in Perth, Australia underscores the city's unique advantages, namely its significantly cheaper power pricing and its proximity to Southeast Asia. Their dedication to sustainable design and renewable energy projects manifest in their operations. The future of data centers, according to GreenSquareDC, will see the rise of both traditional cloud computing and GPU-enabled data centers. Their commitment to sustainability and accountability sets them at the forefront of addressing industry challenges and realizing a sustainable future for data centers.

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