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Rising to the Challenge of Sustainable Data Centers in Asia

By Damon Lim · 5/21/2024

Rising to the Challenge of Sustainable Data Centres in Asia

Recently, Damon Lim, APAC Regional Director at datacenterHawk, and Darren Webb, Co-founder & CEO of Evolution Data Centres, had a comprehensive discussion grounded in the premise of sustainability and the latter's strategic approach in high-growth emerging markets in Asia.

A Commitment to Sustainability in High-Growth Markets

One of the focal points of their conversation was the commitment of Evolution Data Centres to sustainability. Darren Webb underscored that core to their business vision was sustainability, well before it became a trend in the industry. Webb analyzed the opportunities and challenges of tier two markets as against traditional tier one markets, including the availability of renewable energy and the prospects for growth in these developing markets.

The Intricacies of Sustainable Data Centers

Webb then went on to dissect the intricacies of establishing sustainable data centers at large scales. The discussion veered around the company’s approach of securing green power via partnerships with renewable generators in various markets. Webb explained the hurdles one has to cross for ensuring green power transmission and the endeavor of the company to influence regulatory positions to advocate for renewable energy usage. Predicting a shift towards green power prioritizing over connectivity in the near future, Webb highlighted the industry's pressing need.

Personal and Corporate Sustainability

The dialogue concluded on the note of the global Evolution of Data Centres, with a particular emphasis on the increasing demand for sustainable practices and the obstacles companies face in achieving their sustainability goals. Webb opened up about his personal commitment to sustainability, including reducing his meat consumption and adopting eco-friendly practices in his daily life. Webb underscored the importance of making informed decisions timely, gauging the available options to reach the best possible outcomes in sustainability initiatives.

The conversation between Lim and Webb offered profound insights into Evolution Data Centres’ strategic approach to sustainability and its influence on the data center industry. Darren Webb’s commitment to continuous improvement and responsible decision-making in sustainability initiatives sets a benchmark for the company's future steps in the ever-evolving data center landscape.

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