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Nordic data centers and the vision of Hyperco with Aleksi Taipale
Nordic data centers and the vision of Hyperco with Aleksi Taipale

By Rhett Gill · 9/16/2021

Be sure to check out the video above for the full conversation, but if you’re short on time, scan through our quick takeaways below.

Establishing Hyperco

In the interview, Aleksi discussed how Hyperco was conceptualized, the current conditions, and the plans for the future on our latest HawkTalk.

The co-founders of Hyperco, Ville Vartiainen, Timo Pohjanpalo, and Aleksi started researching the data center market and found it to be an interesting niche. They found that there weren't many development-oriented investors in the Nordic region in the space, which opened the opportunity for a new entrant.

They found that the area has a good amount of potential growth as the industry becomes more mature. Due to Aleksi’s background at Nordic institutional investor NREP, he was able to raise the capital they needed to start Hyperco.

Sustainability and the plan on expanding Hyperco

Sustainability is the core of the Hyperco mission. Aleksi discussed how they are looking to use the waste energies that cause global warming and turn it into something useful by using it to run data centers.

Hyperco is working with the team that opened Google’s Finland data center and the 50-megawatt Yandex data center in Mäntsälä. This group was one of the first in the world to work in this kind of waste recovery program, which is currently warming around 80% of the 20,000 person municipality of Mäntsälä. Hyperco sees a large opportunity to bring similar arrangements to other areas and wants to mimic their success in helping their communities.

When it comes to expansion, Aleksi stated that they want to focus on the Nordic region right now, but that they are in the process of hiring people from different parts of the world in hopes of becoming multinational. They are following the market closely and are interested in the East European Region and areas close to it, where there is a lot of data center activity.

Be sure to check out the video above for the full conversation.

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