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Norway: The Next Frontier in Data Center Expansion

By Annemarie van Zadelhoff · 4/3/2024


In this HawkTalk, Annemarie van Zadelhoff, Regional Director of EMEA at datacenterHawk, chats with Simon Justnes, CCO of Green Mountain, delving into why Norway is gaining traction as a suitable spot for hyperscale data centers. The chat unveils key insights into the operations of Green Mountain, aspects related to Norway's clean energy resources, the favorable climate, and cost benefits of operating in the Nordic region.


Simon Justnes introduces himself as a key figure at Green Mountain, a leading data center platform operating from Norway. He sheds light on his professional journey in the data center domain and discusses his association with Green Mountain since its inception in 2009. Justnes points towards a promising market landscape and the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Who Green Mountain aims to serve

Justnes elucidates how Green Mountain caters to a wide array of clients, from enterprise-level customers and wholesale partners to hyperscale clientele. The company is keenly focused on delivering scalable and dependable solutions catering to different workloads across a range of sectors.

Why is Norway Attractive for Hyperscale Data Centers?

Justnes articulates the reasons behind Norway emerging as a hot spot for hyperscale data centers. He points towards a couple of major factors - the availability of renewable energy alternatives and a conducive climate. Norway's energy charter, primarily hydropower, presents an eco-friendly solution for power consumption. The cooler climate enables energy-efficient cooling mechanisms, significantly lowering the dependency on excessive energy usage.

Operational and Environmental Gains

Justnes underscores the positive implications of Norway's clean energy and beneficial climate on operational performance and environmental footprint. He points out the growing customer demand for greener, sustainable solutions and the regulatory insistence on the use of renewable energy. Additionally, Norway's competitive energy pricing gives an extra edge to Green Mountain's clients over other markets.

What Makes Norway Cost-Effective?

Justnes expands on the cost-effectiveness of Norway, referring to competitive energy prices and a favorable taxation environment. He notes that Norway offers cheaper land and ready power supply, making it an attractive location for businesses looking to scale. Apart from these, a supportive political environment and the proactive approach of local municipalities and the Norwegian government to attract data center business are also favorable attributes.

Looking Ahead

Justnes shares Green Mountain's forward-looking plans, including expansion into Germany and an acquisition in London. While the company is presently focusing on the Norwegian market, it remains open to exploring opportunities for enhancing capacity in existing markets. Justnes identifies three major industry trends: prominence of hyperscale data centers, the rising importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, and potential for industry consolidation.

Signing Off

The conversation concludes with Annemarie van Zadelhoff expressing gratitude to Simon Justnes for sharing valuable insights into Green Mountain and Norway's appeal in the data center domain. She anticipates a future follow-up conversation to track the company's growth and industry advancements.

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