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The Challenges of Planning Infrastructure with Evoque CEO, Andy Stewart

By Rhett Gill · 12/13/2022

We discussed how many tech companies nowadays require large amounts of power and why they need a partner who not only provides solutions for large-scale projects but also offers long-term planning and budgeting solutions. This is what Evoque calls “SpendAgility”.

We also discussed the importance of sustainability, with renewable power being a major trend in data centers today. Andy believes that companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints and increase energy efficiency. He also noted that data center campuses are growing larger and more complex, meaning they need to be designed with sustainability in mind.

Andy predicts that companies will continue to invest heavily in renewable solutions for their data centers over the next few years. With this trend becoming more popular among tech companies, Andy believes that the industry will continue to move towards a more sustainable future.

A big thanks to Andy for joining us and sharing his insights! It was great to complete the trilogy from a discussion perspective and we look forward to the next one.

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