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The development of the Swiss data center market with Green

By Rhett Gill · 4/1/2021

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Check out our video above with Roger Süess of Green to get his take on the Zurich data center market. If you’re short on time, check out the summary of the conversation below.

The Current State of Green

Green’s current footprint in Zurich consists of 4 separate locations, 2 of which are large campuses focused on meeting the needs of hyperscale clients.

Their other locations also serve hyperscale users, but provide space for traditional colocation use as well, and aim to be an IT solution for businesses wanting to enter into the Zurich market.

Looking ahead, Green is planning on expanding their presence in Zurich with an additional 2-4 facilities in the city.

The Development of the Zurich Data Center Market

It’s clear that the Zurich market has been an area of data center growth over recent years.

Robert mentions that people see this growth from major data center providers, such as Green, and show concern for potential overcapacity issues. He says that this is a valid concern but he looks at how the data center industry has changed over time and feels confident about the future use and growth of data centers.

For a long time, many small to medium-sized businesses owned their own 4-5 MW facilities but recently that has shifted to these same businesses utilizing their IT needs from a data center provider.

The data center trends that Green is seeing suggest that there will continue to be a need for additional space and power to come from a data center provider instead of smaller businesses owning their own IT space.

Also, that’s without looking at the continued IT needs from the larger hyperscale users. With both of these trends, it’s a safe assumption that having an overcapacity issue will be minimal.

Tracking the Swiss data center market

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