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The Salt Lake City Data Center Market

By Rhett Gill · 2/15/2022

With two campuses fully developed, Aligned plans to expand their presence in the growing Salt Lake City market. CEO of Aligned Data Centers, Andrew Schaap shares current innovations Aligned utilizes in their facilities and shares his insight for future data center trends.

Salt Lake City Market

Following customer request, Aligned entered the Salt Lake City market in 2018 with their first campus and completed the second campus in 2021 with plans for future expansion in Utah. Aligned’s future focused approach prioritizes capacity expansion in campus development. Utah has various environmental and economic advantages drawing large customers, generating growth in this market.

Aligned’s Innovations in Built-to-Suit and Sustainability

Large customers have increased demand for built-to-suit facilities that allow providers to scale to larger customer requirements. Aligned’s vendor managed inventory process allows for quick delivery of solutions for a variety of requirements. A focus on sustainability has led the data center industry to use less water. In response, Aligned has taken a different approach towards the utilization of water in their facilities.

Future Data Center Industry Trends

Looking forward, densification will be a rising demand to accommodate more capacity in less space. Clients are looking to expand quickly without the need for more real estate. Aligned is focused on the ability to “expand on demand”. In planning for the coming years, Aligned values creating facilities that can accommodate advancing technologies in a cost effective manner, facility resilience, and thorough training to build talent in the data center industry.

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