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Case study: Colocation relocation over the weekend

By Mike Netzer · 12/21/2020

This is a case study on how UnitedLayer and datacenterHawk came together to help a technology leader at a ML and AI company migrate his IT infrastructure on a tight timeline.

Procrastination happens to the best of us. It’s easy to let the urgent crowd out the important until the latter becomes the former.

That’s where Dev, a technology leader at a machine learning and artificial intelligence company, found himself with his IT infrastructure relocation.

The lease on his existing colocation space was expiring on Monday. It was Thursday, just days before his lease expired, when he came to datacenterHawk to look for a new space.

Dev used ColoNow to search across providers to find data centers that could meet his needs.

Using our ColoNOW tool, he put in his requirements (1 ½ racks, 500Mbps of bandwidth, Azure, AWS and GCP connectivity) and submitted a quote request to five data center operators in the Bay Area.

It only took a few minutes for Dev to request pricing from multiple data centers.

The 72 hour timeline

Luckily for Dev, Chad Cunningham at UnitedLayer was ready to field the request. What resulted was a flurry of activity rarely seen to help Dev make his move.

  1. Chad scheduled a same-day tour and delivered pricing in 24 hours
  2. The team at UnitedLayer was able to expedite the provisioning and customer onboarding
  3. The team did an after-hours install on Saturday and put connectivity in place on Sunday
  4. Dev moved in on Monday, avoiding a costly interruption of IT service

End to end, Dev was able to go from initial request to move-in in just 72 hours, a record for UnitedLayer and by far the fastest we’ve seen at datacenterHawk.

Get colocation quotes quickly with ColoNow

Finding a new colocation space can be a time-consuming hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’ve put off your colocation search and find yourself in need of a quick solution, use our free ColoNOW tool today and request colocation quotes from multiple providers for your specific requirements in minutes.

Find your Chad. Move in fast. Rest easy.

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