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datacenterHawk's Q2 2015 U.S. Colocation Search Results
Data center professionals use our Hawk Search tool to quickly and easily find strategic colocation, cloud, or land site solutions. During the second quarter of 2015, we analyzed the colocation searches made throughout the United States.

By David Liggitt · 6/30/2015

One of the most-used products at datacenterHawk is Hawk Search. Data center professionals use this tool to quickly and easily search anywhere in North America by provider, market, and capacity then evaluate strategic options for colocation, cloud, or land site solutions.

During the second quarter of 2015, we analyzed how data center professionals used Hawk Search to find colocation solutions throughout the United States. The map below shows the results of the most searched colocation markets for Q2 2015.

Our real-time data showed established colocation markets of Northern California (seen on the map above as NORCAL), Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW), and Northern Virginia (NOVA) were the most searched markets in Q2 2015. An interesting trend our search data uncovered is an increased interest in mid-sized markets, specifically Minneapolis (MIN) and Austin (ATX), among colocation seekers.

A critical factor attracting colocation users to major markets is the competition and quality of data center providers and services offered in those markets. In addition, these offerings are continually being refined in efforts to meet user demands around connectivity, managed and cloud services. Secondary markets have also received a decent amount of colocation development activity over the last twelve months, offering users the ability to keep IT infrastructure closer to strategic business locations.

At datacenterHawk, we track everything related to data centers in the top markets in North America—from where colocation/cloud providers are currently located in a city to the land sites available to build a new data center. We combine this detailed research with valuable analysis and insights into a subscription service used by data center users, brokers/consultants, investors, and information technology professionals to make informed decisions on their data center implementation strategies.

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