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Introducing "Insight" from datacenterHawk
Our new Insight tool forever changes the way data center professionals do business.

By David Liggitt · 11/11/2015

At datacenterHawk, we create products that make life easier for IT professionals needing a data center solution. Our newest product, Hawk Insight, is the combination of our extensive research on North America's top data center markets and real-time analytics.

Hawk Insight enables our subscribers to evaluate key metrics such as power, space, absorption, and vacancy in the top data center markets. Our expansion plans include coverage of secondary markets in the U.S. and Canada. We add in-depth research notes about not only the colocation and cloud providers in each market, but the economic drivers, the power and fiber infrastructure, and any disaster risks that affect the region. Hawk Insight is an invaluable tool to get the context you need to make smart decisions about your data center solution.

If you're an IT Director migrating your on-site data center into either a colocation or cloud solution, then Hawk Insight can instantly give you the raw data and analysis you need make a strong business case to your CIO. If you're a data center broker, Hawk Insight enables you to quickly and easily interpret data center market research and details like never before.

Important All of the following screenshots contain market data created for illustrative purposes only.

Here is a sample of the must-have tools and analysis datacenterHawk subscribers get from Hawk Insight:

  1. Market Snapshot – See interactive charts outlining the current power and space capacity, vacancy, and absorption in a specific data center market:
  2. Market Overview – Get critical information about a specific data center market's economy, power supply, fiber infrastructure, and hazard risk. These details provide a holistic picture of the data center market to our subscribers so they can make an informed decision about data center investments:
  3. Market Supply – This section of Hawk Insight gives subscribers a deep dive on physical locations of cloud and colocation providers in a specific market along with details related to their power supply and infrastructure, fiber connectivity, peering and interconnection options, and more:

No matter what your data center needs are, datacenterHawk's Insight tool forever changes the way you do business. You don't have to do the heavy lifting of tracking down multiple datasets then painstakingly evaluating the market because we've already done that for you with Hawk Insight.

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