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T5@Dallas III opens amidst active Dallas Data Center Market

By Luke Smith · 10/20/2017

The Dallas data center market is only second behind Northern Virginia in data center power/space under construction, with approximately 37 megawatts (MW) actively in development – and there are no signs of slow down. DFW historically grows steadily, and is a top location for data center projects thanks to a growing list of data center providers. Among the operators currently expanding in Dallas is T5 Data Centers, whose successful growth run started there when they built their first Plano data center in 2012. T5 recently unveiled the first data hall at their new flagship Plano facility, which is designed to accommodate 10.75 MW when fully delivered. The expansion is one of several T5 projects in the DFW metroplex which will give the company a significant foothold in one of the country’s most popular data center markets.

T5@Dallas III, located in Plano-Legacy, is a brand new, purpose built data center directly north of T5’s initial 21 MW facility. Significant enterprise customer demand from 2013 – 2016 allowed T5 to fully lease their T5@Dallas data center, which caused them to acquire adjacent land for additional capacity across two new data centers, including T5@Dallas III. Construction started on the T5@Dallas III site in October 2016, and the facility is designed to meet Tier III and LEED Silver standards when fully delivered. Private data halls or caged environments will be available supporting critical loads of 200 kW and higher with robust network connectivity and services designed to support the needs of the enterprise customer. The first 2,150 kW data hall is now available, with future data halls to be developed based on demand. In addition to their Dallas III expansion, T5 recently announced their partnership with Hillwood to construct a new data center campus at AllianceTexas, close to Facebook’s $1B data center. The T5@Alliance campus will be able to support up to 400 MW of future growth with a focus toward hyperscale and cloud providers.

The T5@Dallas III Development is significant because:

  • The Geographic Location
    T5 is in the epicenter of Dallas business growth, around the Legacy area of Plano. The location puts T5 close to multiple businesses and Fortune 500 companies representing a variety of industry verticals.

  • Multiple User Appeal
    T5 can attract enterprise and hyperscale cloud users with their two projects. T5’s Legacy data centers are ideally suited for enterprise users with 200 kW+ data center requirements, and the location is attractive to users in this size range. The Alliance campus allows T5 to compete with other large-scale data center providers trying to attract attention from hyperscale users.

  • Set for long term growth
    T5 is set up with a path for long-term development in Dallas. The various projects allow T5 to steadily bring new capacity to the market and maintain a competitive presence.

  • Investing in robust facility design and operation
    T5’s Dallas campus is both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient. The new building can withstand 221 mph winds, and is designed to meet Tier III and LEED Silver standards. T5’s Uptime Intstitute award-winning onsite operations team is also present to help mitigate risks and maximize data center uptime.

T5’s past investments in Dallas have proved successful, and recent decisions they have made ensure a long-term path for growth in the market. As a result of this strategy, T5 is well positioned to attract the focus of the data center industry’s two biggest users: enterprise companies and hyperscale cloud providers. T5’s decisions support the company’s belief that Dallas will remain one of the country’s largest and most active data center markets.

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