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Your Time - And How Much It's Worth
People value their time and always look for ways to do things faster. Successful businesses are businesses that recognize this.

By Luke Smith · 5/5/2016

“Lost time is never found again.”

These words, spoken by Benjamin Franklin, highlight how time, and what we do with it, is truly our most valuable asset. Companies have seized on this concept, and are selling products and services focused on saving time. Many of these aren’t new concepts, but are simply a new approach to delivering products and services in a way that focuses on efficiency and speed. Here are some of my favorite companies that have successfully executed this strategy:

Netflix – In the beginning, Netflix provided movie watchers monthly subscriptions to rent DVD’s when they wanted, with no late fees. The model offered an easier way to rent movies, which made going to a video store to rent a movie inconvenient. Companies like Blockbuster, which owned the video rental market for two decades, failed to adapt and eventually went out of business. Today, Netflix’s main service is video streaming, which has transformed the way people consume television and entertainment. The ability to instantly stream a variety of content from a connected device has allowed Netflix to become the primary entertainment tool in many households. During peak periods, Netflix accounts for roughly 1/3 of American downstream internet traffic.

Amazon – Starting in 1996, Amazon has changed the consumer buying experience. Amazon’s most valuable tool has always been its ability to process customer data. This allows them to view trends in buying habits and recommend products the customer would likely need or buy. Furthermore, Amazon offers a variety of products, enabling customers to find exactly what they want. Buying the product online allows the customer to have it shipped wherever they are located. The wide range of products adds additional strength to Amazon’s recommendation system. Customers no longer need to go to a store and ask a professional’s opinion of what product is best. Now they can go online and see a wide range of products, all with ratings, comparisons, and customer reviews. With Amazon Prime, users can opt for even faster shipping, with some cities offering delivery within 2 hours. Amazon has introduced the ability to buy certain foods online, eliminating the time spent going to the grocery store. With nearly 200 million unique visitors monthly, Amazon is the primary e-commerce marketplace and has changed the way people shop.

Uber – Uber started in 2009 as a faster way to find luxury transportation. Today, it has grown to be one of the leading transportation services, allowing online users to find drivers in close proximity. Uber’s app allows the driver to find the customer, pick them up, and take them to their destination. Uber is available in 400 cities around the world, with over 160,000 Uber drivers, providing over one billion rides. While Uber’s service is very similar to taking a cab, the experience and process is more efficient. Uber’s time saving, hassle-free experience has allowed the company to the most popular transportation option of its time.

Mint – Although Mint was not the first product of its kind, it is now one of the top online budgeting tools available. Other products available during the time of Mint’s launch in 2007, like Microsoft Money and Quicken, were slow and difficult to use. Mint is designed to consolidate and track anyone’s budget and spending in a quick and secure fashion. From their website, users can view transactions and set financial goals, teaching them how to budget, spend, and invest properly. Instead of logging in to a number of different accounts to view bank balances, credit cards, loan information, or investments, users can simply log in to Mint and see the information in one place. By offering a better, faster, and more holistic solution, Mint was able to outlast its competitors and become a leading budget tool.

Acquiring data center infrastructure is a hidden process, with mysteries behind what exists, what doesn’t, what tier, what acronyms mean, and other scenarios that make the process slow and inefficient. While certain components of the data center acquisition process can’t get faster, there are many parts that can.

At datacenterHawk, we thrive on creating software centered around time saving. Searching for data center infrastructure and understanding the cost is easy with the datacenterHawk platform. If you’re a data center professional or organization searching for the right data center solution, you can make the process easier. Sign up for a trial today to begin using tools that give you back the most valuable asset you have – time.

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