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2024 Global Data Center Predictions

By Rhett Gill · 12/27/2023

Anticipating the Evolving Landscape of Data Centers in 2024

The data center industry is poised for a transformation in 2024, marked by significant growth, regional expansions, and emerging technological trends. A panel discussion led by the datacenterHawk Global Regional Director team gathered from across Latin America, Asia Pacific, EMEA, and North America, providing insights into the trends shaping the global data center landscape.

Regional Insights and Growth Predictions

Latin America:

Latin America has witnessed substantial growth, especially in markets traditionally underserved. Despite power constraints affecting project timelines, the region recorded a remarkable 38% growth in commissioned power in the first three quarters of the year. Future prospects highlight emerging secondary markets like Rio and Bogota, hinting at a diversification beyond primary cities.

Asia Pacific:

APAC, once concentrated in a few key regions, is now expanding due to power scarcity in Singapore and data residency rules. The demand for data centers is driving exploration into previously untapped areas, necessitating adaptations in infrastructure design to accommodate smaller-scale but higher-density demands.


The Middle East is projected to experience rapid growth, becoming a focal point due to its cheaper power rates. Sustainability and renewable energy initiatives are at the forefront, influencing location decisions. The Nordics emerge as a hub due to lower power costs, while the Middle East is seen as bridging the supply-demand gap.

North America:

North America's evolution sees a shift from bringing power to data centers to bringing data centers to power sources. Regions like Atlanta and Dallas witness remarkable colocation growth, while future trends hint at diversified locations like Lancaster, Texas, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, catering to Hyperscale user needs.

Trends Shaping the Future

Diversification and Secondary Markets:

Secondary markets in various regions are gaining attention due to their potential for growth. Rio, Bogota, and emerging markets like Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan are becoming key players due to land banking and growing hyperscale interest.

Technological Innovations:

The surge in demand for higher-density computing is driving innovation in liquid cooling technologies. Companies are exploring liquid-cooled data centers to manage higher densities effectively and efficiently, leading to a paradigm shift in data center design and engineering.

Sustainability and Renewable Energy:

Across regions, a commitment to sustainability prevails. Many have pledged to achieve data center neutrality by 2030, emphasizing the use of renewable energy. Governments are offering incentives to promote digital economy growth while focusing on environmental sustainability.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Despite challenges and complexities in infrastructure development, the panel remains optimistic about the future of the data center industry. The discussion highlighted the importance of robust infrastructure in the functioning of societies worldwide, underscoring the pivotal role data centers play in our interconnected world.

The anticipation of emerging markets, technological advancements, and a growing emphasis on sustainability presents a dynamic landscape for the data center industry. With an array of challenges and opportunities, the industry remains poised for continued evolution and expansion in the year ahead.

As our industry experts prepare to add new markets to the datacenterHawk platform, the excitement and prospects for 2024 are palpable. The team encourages engagement and collaboration, inviting stakeholders to join the journey in shaping the future of data centers.

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