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Resilience and Growth: Navigating Brazil's Data Center Landscape with Elea Digital

By Steve Sasse · 6/6/2024

In a recent discussion, Alessandro Lombardi, President at Elea Digital Data Centers, joined Steve Sasse, LATAM Regional Director at datacenterHawk, to explore the dynamics of the data center industry in Brazil. From addressing recent disasters in Porto Alegre to expressing the nation's potential for market growth, a multitude of topics were dissected.

Impact of Recent Events in Porto Alegre

Lombardi illustrated how the calamitous floods in Porto Alegre served as a test for the resilience of data centers in the region. The catastrophe underscored the necessity for robust supply chains and steadfast data centers that can ensure essential services during crises. Lombardi also shared how Elea Digital's team navigated these challenges, managing the situation and delivering continued support to the community.

Elea Digital's Expansion and Focus on Brazil

Diving into the strategy behind Elea Digital's investment in Brazilian data centers, Lombardi emphasized the company's approach towards building capacity in key regions beyond the main metropolitan areas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It was also pointed out the potential of Brazil to facilitate hyperscale data centers and the role of renewable energy sources in addressing infrastructural challenges. Positioning with global sustainability objectives was also seen as a key point.

Site Development and Timeline

Pivoting towards site development, Lombardi delineated the timeline and course of action involved in deploying data center facilities in Brazil. Here, the importance of having substation infrastructure was emphasized. The conversation shed light on the efficiency of the Brazilian transmission system and the need for readiness in addressing future demand and potential power supply challenges.


This thought-provoking discussion with Steve Sasse and Alessandro Lombardi illuminated valuable aspects of the data center industry in Brazil. From demonstrating the resilience of companies like Elea Digital in the aftermath of crises to future growth opportunities in the market, it was clear that a strategic approach is crucial in this rapidly evolving industry. Equally, the emphasis on sustainability, infrastructure development, and community support reaffirmed Elea Digital's commitment to positive industry progression.

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