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Unleashing the Power of Data Centers in Querétaro

By Steve Sasse · 11/3/2023

The data center industry is experiencing remarkable growth worldwide, and one of the emerging hotspots for this expansion is Querétaro, Mexico. In a recent video discussion, Steve Sasse, the Regional Director – Latin America for datacenterHawk, sat down with Ed Pastor, the President of Data Center Consultants of Mexico (DCCM), to shed light on the incredible progress and potential of the Querétaro data center market.

Querétaro's Data Center Growth

Querétaro, a region in Mexico, has witnessed impressive growth in the data center industry in recent years. Currently, it boasts nearly 95 megawatts of commissioned power. However, the market's power requirements are soaring, with the demand reaching about 700 megawatts, making Querétaro an area of enormous growth potential.

Why Querétaro Attracts Data Centers

Steve and Ed discuss why Querétaro has become an attractive destination for data center development compared to Mexico City, which is just 120 miles south. Here are the primary reasons:

  1. Accessibility: Mexico City's notorious traffic congestion and logistical challenges make it a less attractive option for data center development. Querétaro, on the other hand, offers easier accessibility.
  2. Safety and Security: Querétaro provides a safe working and living environment, making it an ideal choice for businesses and employees alike.
  3. Affordable Land: The cost of land in Querétaro is significantly lower than in Mexico City, making it an economical option for data center projects.
  4. Power Supply: Querétaro is making significant strides in addressing power supply issues. There's a commitment from the government to ensure that the necessary power is available to support this growing industry.

Specific Projects in Querétaro

Ed mentions that they have received the promised power supply for two specific sites in Querétaro. This indicates that the power challenges are gradually being resolved, and Querétaro is becoming more conducive for data center projects.

The Future of Data Centers in Querétaro

Looking ahead, both Steve and Ed anticipate continued growth in the Querétaro data center market. They believe the market's expansion will depend on factors such as land pricing, alternative energy sources (e.g., solar and cogeneration), and infrastructure improvements. Notably, there's hope that the government's efforts will align with the market's needs.

Ed also hints at a promising project that combines solar energy, cogeneration, data centers, industry, and an educational center within a large industrial park. This ambitious project could further propel Querétaro's status as a data center hub.


Querétaro, Mexico, is on the cusp of becoming a significant player in the data center industry. Its growth potential, along with the favorable conditions it offers, makes it an attractive choice for data center development. As power supply issues are being addressed, and infrastructure improvements are underway, the future of data centers in Querétaro looks promising. Stay tuned for more updates as this dynamic market continues to evolve.

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