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The Potential of the Latin America Data Center Region

By Steve Sasse · 4/24/2024

An Insightful Conversation

Steve Sasse, LATAM Regional Director at datacenterHawk, recently sat down with Ricardo Alário, CEO of ODATA, to discuss the company's progression and expansion throughout Latin America. With a keen focus on Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile, ODATA has established a notable presence in the region.

A Journey Rooted in Experience

Ricardo Alário brings an extensive background in private equity and venture capital to his leadership role at ODATA, with a special focus on emerging deals in developing countries. His experience in the telecommunications and data center industry served as a significant asset in navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities in the Latin American data center landscape.

ODATA: Growth against the Odds

Established in 2015, ODATA initially faced hurdles in the hyperscale market. However, with tenacity and strategic planning, the company expanded its operations across key LATAM countries. Each country presented unique challenges, such as bureaucratic processes in Chile and the importance of profound local knowledge in Mexico.

Maximizing Opportunities in Mexico

ODATA's success in Mexico is marked by its second facility and securing a significant power capacity for future expansions. Even with a slowdown in absorption rates, ODATA remains confident about the growth potential in Mexico.

Brazil's Potential: Renewable Energy and AI Processing

Alário envisions Brazil not only as an energy exporter but also as a hub for machine learning and AI processing. By utilizing the country's sustainable and cost-effective energy sources, Alário believes Brazil can attract companies that are at the forefront of technological innovation.

The Future of ODATA

ODATA's expansion throughout Latin America bears testament to its strategic decision-making, resilience, and innovative vision. The company's focus on key countries has allowed it to carve out a significant presence. Further, its plans for Brazil underline a strong commitment to both innovation and sustainability, positioning ODATA as a trailblazer in the data center industry.

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