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Space constraints in APAC are pushing data center operators to new markets

By Rhett Gill · 3/5/2021

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Check out our video above with Michael Chan of OneAsia to get his take on the state of the Asia data center markets. If you’re short on time, check out the summary of the conversation below.

OneAsia’s Presence in the APAC market

OneAsia offers a full range of services including colocation, cloud, and connectivity in multiple markets across the Asia Pacific market.

They currently have data center facilities in Hong Kong, Shanghai, NanTong, Singapore, and have plans for additional facilities in Thailand, South Korea, and Japan.

Demand in the APAC markets

OneAsia is experiencing demand from North American, European based customers but not surprisingly their most prominent demand is from Asian, specifically Chinese, based customers.

These customers are from a wide variety of industries, including banking & finance, internet service providers, cloud solution providers, & various online business providers.

Growth of newer APAC markets

Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other major markets in APAC are reaching their growth potential in terms of data center space. Because of this, among other reasons, there has been an increase in activity in other markets with smaller data center footprints such as Vietnam, Malaysia, & Thailand.

Part of OneAsia’s strategy moving forward is to be a pioneer and expand into these smaller markets quite rapidly moving forward.

As we at datacenterHawk continue to grow and expand our global data center industry information, we look forward to tracking OneAsia and their future growth.

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